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Eco Transport

Eco Rewards for green travel choices by residents & employees in Surrey & the rest of the UK.
This is a not for profit scheme supported by Surrey Chambers of Commerce & Smartran.
If you regularly walk, cycle or take the bus to work, the station or town centre, contact us to join or for more information.
 How Does It Work?

As an Eco Rewards member you earn points each day you chose to use public transport or walk/cycle to work, school or college. Your points are automatically converted into discounts or cash rewards when you shop online via the Eco Rewards website. You can earn up to 250 points a day which are worth £2.50 in cashback. Eco Rewards is a not for profit scheme.

More details

Save Pounds as you help Save the Environment

Members of the scheme earn their Eco Rewards through participation in their travel to work or resident scheme. Their Eco Rewards can be exchanged on-line for benefits within the community, special offers, exclusive retail discounts or used to earn cash back rewards on purchases made from 1000's of participating online retailers.

What are the other Benefits?

In addition to the rewards available through the scheme, local authorities, communities and service providers will also indirectly benefit from a number of improvements:

  • There are health benefits for the individual if they regularly cycle or walk to work/school/college
  • There could be reduction in peak time traffic and congestion in the area
  • Journey times for buses and other vehicles could be improved
  • An additional channel to communicate advice about safety and security on the roads
  • This is an additional reward which makes use of alternative transport more attractive to use and offsets the cost. This is likely to stimulate increased usage of public transport and ticket revenue
  • There could be opportunities to use the scheme to incentivise usage of particular services, travel choices and encourage residents to switch to off-peak transport services
  • The authority and service providers can gather better statistics about their community, cycle schemes, travel patterns and future requirements for public transport and road use.
Reduce your car use and...
Change your travel for the environment
Walk or cycle to work/school/college
Use public transport
Use car clubs and car-sharing
Work from home
Gain health benefits
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