What we do

Smartran exists to solve the critical issues facing our clients, both large and small. Our unique approach is not only what differentiates us, but also what makes us successful. Smartran helps its clients improve services, increase efficiency and provide a better customer experience. Through all aspects of our work, we have established a track record of increasing return on investment, shortening project timescales, increasing benefits and reducing costs. We achieve these outcomes through our involvement at every stage of the project life cycle. Our main areas of work are proposition implementation, business process improvement, implementation of future ticketing technology and deployment of multi-application smart card schemes.

With the focus on cost reduction, we can apply our experience to make processes more efficient, to increase revenues and reduce wasted resources. For one client, we identified delayed financial settlement in excess of £4million which was corrected and the underlying cause mitigated. For Waltham Forest Borough Council, we enabled the progressive transition of over £10m cash receipts per annum to lower cost, more convenient channels. We are helping another client introduce a leading-edge web ticketing service which will make it easier to buy tickets online and provide a more flexible, lower cost alternative to traditional face to face channels. We are working on a current assignment which could halve the cost of issuing smart cards and triple the uses for each card. Our goal is to help clients achieve sustainable service improvement at reduced cost.

Our experience, expertise and innovation is applied in our client work:


Our broad systems, government and commercial experience enables us to undertake rapid short focused studies, major projects and contract management assignments. We typically work on the client side of an initiative calling on our experience in:

  • Assisting in the earliest stage of strategy definition

  • Undertaking requirements capture 

  • Evaluating alternative approaches

  • Solution definition 

  • Supporting tendering and supplier selection

  • Managing supplier development and delivery stages

  • Acceptance test planning and execution


Our core team and consultants bring a wealth of expertise including:

  • Business Case verification and clarification

  • Technical solution design 

  • System requirements definition 

  • ITT preparation and supplier selection process

  • Service definition and organisation planning

  • Sustainable service improvement at reduced cost

  • Project, programme and contract management

  • Implementation management

  • Ongoing service delivery


Finally, we have a track record of delivering better more effective solutions through innovation:

  • Proposition definition, development and realisation

  • Smart ticketing including future ticketing technology

  • Contactless cEMV in transit and as token for account based services  

  • Scalable cloud based services

  • Applications of NFC and Bluetooth technology

  • Multi-application resident smart card schemes

  • Multi-purpose school and student card schemes

  • Reward and incentive schemes

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Areas we specialise in

Discover Our Expertise

Smartran offers clients a broad range of professional expertise which can be applied to all stages of a project's life-cycle. We are currently assisting clients in the areas of transport ticketing, Local Authority resident smart cards, higher education, incentive schemes, contactless payment applications and improved delivery of existing services. We typically undertake assignments which make it easier for residents and customers to access our clients' services.

Shaking Hands

Smart Solutions

We examine what organisations are doing to stay relevant and competitive in this fast-paced world, and which ones are doing it best. We then strategise using smart tools and global resources in order to understand the implications of every choice our clients can make.

Based on our unique experience and business relationships, we bring you exciting and effective solutions for transport ticketing, multi-application smart card schemes and related access control, retailing, cash collection payment, e-commerce and settlement requirements. To learn more about how Smartran can help you

Train Station

Smart Transport

Smartran brings together a wealth of experience with smart card technology, contactless EMV, NFC mobile applications and transport ticketing methods. We have led projects to deliver customer friendly ticketing propositions and improved user experience including vending machines, validators and mobile apps. We have provided ITSO technical consultancy support services to Transport Authorities and Operators to implement smart ticketing.  

Most recently we have been managing the implementation and testing of innovative cloud services which relies on contactless payment cards for touch on/touch off to speed up customer boarding and offer a best price proposition. 


Pay Fast, Pay Smart, Pay Contactless

Pay-C is the exciting brand for our expertise and capability in delivering fast, smart, contactless payment and multi-operator ticketing for transit and other services. 


With our help, Transit EMV, PAYG, ABT/customer accounts, smart cards, and mobile apps can be made to work effectively together. We are now making our expertise and experience available under the Pay-C service brand for our consultancy and project managements services for smart ticketing in transport.


Smartran has built unique experience developing, testing and implementing the first full PAYG touch on/touch off Model 2 for contactless payment acceptance on bus in the UK. This pioneering initiative was well received by customers and operators. 

n transport.

Under the Pay-C brand we offer our expertise in:

  • Proposition definition and development

  • EMV payment service integration and certification

  • Setup and operation of trials

  • Transition and rollout

  • Project and Programme Management

View of Buildings

Local Authorities

Both central government initiatives (e.g. Concessionary Transport) and local requirements for access to services are driving local government to implement schemes which employ smart card technology. Whether you have an existing project underway, are planning an extension to an existing scheme or are considering how to tackle a new initiative, Smartran is uniquely placed to assist.

We can respond to a wide range of smart card related projects from our pool of subject experts and build an integrated project team with the right skills mix for a long term assignment. 

College Students

Smart Education

Smartran has extensive experience designing and implementing card schemes for schools, colleges and Universities. We have extended resident card schemes to support multiple applications in secondary schools and helped Universities rollout multi-purpose cards for their staff and students.

We have experience working with many of the key providers of systems and can help you deliver complex schemes to schedule and budget. We have detailed knowledge of payment methods, building access control, print/copy services, library access, attendance monitoring and other uses of smartcards. 

Christmas Presents

Smart Rewards

Through our work with Local Authorities, voluntary sector, transport authorities and leisure service providers, we have identified a common need for sustainable effective long term incentives which are valued by the recipients. There are over 2000 national High Street brands and Supermarkets supporting these schemes by funding cash back rewards, discounts and special offers for members.

We are delighted to offer these schemes to meet the needs of Local Authorities, Health Authorities, Transport Authorities and the voluntary sector:

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