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Pay Fast, Pay Smart, Pay Contactless


Pay-C is the exciting brand for our expertise and capability in delivering fast, smart, contactless payment and multi-operator ticketing for transit and other services. 


With our help, Transit EMV, PAYG, ABT/customer accounts, smart cards, and mobile apps can be made to work effectively together. We are now making our expertise and experience available under the Pay-C service brand for our consultancy and project managements services for smart ticketing in transport.


Smartran has built unique experience developing, testing and implementing the first full PAYG touch on/touch off Model 2 for contactless payment acceptance on bus in the UK. This pioneering initiative was well received by customers and operators. 



Independent, smart business solutions

Under the Pay-C brand we offer our expertise in:


  • Proposition definition and development

  • Project and Programme Management 

  • EMV payment service integration and certification

  • PAYG (e.g Pay-As-You-Go capped fares)

  • Account Based Ticketing

  • Mobile Ticketing Apps

  • Setup and operation of multi-operator trials

  • Transaction reconciliation and settlement

  • Transition and rollout

  • Green travel rewards and incentives


We have substantial experience with ITSO schemes and can advise on combined schemes which encompass pre-paid travel, account-based ticketing, Transit EMV Model 1 (contactless with known fare) and Model 2 (post pay with aggregation and liability shift).


Fast, efficient and easy to use


The UK payment industry and transport sector has developed guidelines and rules for use of contactless payment cards in transit. We can help you understand these payment mechanisms and achieve compliance whilst avoiding pitfalls and delay. Smartran is a member of the VISA Ready Programme and has advised on multiple Transit EMV schemes.


Outside London many operators have implemented their own contactless acceptance, however, typically are not integrated with other operators and services. We can help you progress to the next stage where contactless is accepted by multiple operators and modes including local rail, tram, ferry
and bus (with touch on/off and fixed fares). Customers are charged the correct fare for the journey and can also benefit from off peak fares, zonal caps, daily caps, multi-day caps and green travel incentives.

Team Meeting
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Fares, ticket types and customer experience.


Smartran brings wide-ranging capability and insight into fares, ticket types, service operations and customer experience. We have addressed the specific challenges aligning mobile apps and touch on/off with existing fare structures and achieving reliable operation. We have lead integration, EMV certification and field testing with payment service providers who have had to support new validation, authorisation, settlement and debt recovery flows. We can help you prepare customer communications and support arrangements including on-line guidance.


We can offer simple business case consultancy and strategy, through to a complete solution with our partners including: ETM’s, Validators, PSP’s Merchant Acquirors, TVM’s, Mobile  Apps and Multi-Modal Ticketing (including UK Rail) for MaaS.

Are you looking to develop your business but not sure where to turn? Need help planning or executing your next project? Let us guide you. Any organisation can move forward with small incremental changes but building for the future in today’s rapidly evolving environment means taking bold insightful decisions.


We are offering both professional services and supply of technology from our business partners.

Please contact us to discover the many advantages for transport scheme providers, transport operators and their customers.

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