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Place, Payments and Technology

Through and post the Pandemic, Smartran Consulting has continued our track record of delivering innovation and cost-effective consultancy services to our clients. Specialising in Place, Payments and Technology, we partner with our clients from start to finish, focusing on their needs while combining our expertise in technology and project management to deliver valuable customer propositions and service improvements.

The last year has seen successful assignments to enable multi-operator contactless payment in Nottingham, payment terminal integration for a leading payment service provider, expert witness in a contract dispute, design and acceptance testing of a combined retail and ticket inspection mobile device, investigation and correction of a network’s performance/reliability, development and launch of a mobile App for Eco Rewards in Bracknell, advice to Local Authorities on EV Charging provision including payment methods and strategic advice on the market positioning and service offering for a major technology provider.

Our recent experience also includes preparation of bid/tender response, tender evaluation, development of guidance for transport service providers and preparing commercial agreements.

As organisation look to reduce costs, improve customer service and progress to Net-Zero, we are ready to provide independent advice and help you deliver projects to time, budget and quality. Our expertise and approach can be much more effective than recruiting for permanent staff, as our consultants can start a project at short notice, we bill only for the time and effort expended, and can secure additional business, financial or technical expertise as required.

We have recently expanded our UK based team and are looking forward to taking on new challenges and assignments in 2023. Contact us to find out how we could assist.


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